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History of Alberto's Mexican Food

Alberto's Mexican Food was Founded in 1975, and proudly continues to serve their guests quality handmade Mexican cuisine with recipes handed down for generations to offer the best and most authentic Mexican cuisine.

Opening it's doors to the public in 1988 Arselia Dominguez, had her first Alberto's Mexican Restaurant in the city of Poway, CA. Then her second and third restaurants opened to the public in Escondido, CA. , one on Rose St. , and the other one on Escondido Blvd

Today Alberto's Mexican Food (AMF) has more than 75 locations throughout California and Utah and a national total of more than 90 locations. Each location offers a full menu of authentic Mexican food cuisine, including enchiladas, burritos, tacos, tortas, tostadas, and assorted combination plates.



Excerpts From The Burrito Blog

Since you are sort of a burrito historian, you'll appreciate the Roberto's / Alberto's longstanding blood feud. The Roberto's / Alberto's rivalry started when two brothers by those names inherited the original "Roberto's" chain, the granddaddy of all taco shops, from their old man. The younger brother, Alberto took his share of Roberto's restaurants and renamed them after himself. As the older brother expanded his number of shops, the younger brother followed suit.

Soon, both shops could be seen all over San Diego County. As the expansion grew to the point of diminishing returns somewhere in the mid eighties, they both began to sell off their less popular shops. Not to lose the drawing power of the Roberto/Alberto name the new owners of these shops began renaming them in a similar fashion to the point of lunacy. It started innocently enough with Gilberto's and progressed to such ridiculous and obviously made up names such as Adalberto's, Filiberto's, Hilberto's, Ediberto's, and my personal favorite Ramberto's...etc, etc, you get the picture.




Products: Enchiladas, tacos, burritos, tostados, tortas, and combination plates

Types of Coupons: Dollars off, buy one, get one free


Alberto's Mexican Food - Eat some of the best Mexican food in the U.S.A.
Albertos Mexican Food


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Alberto's Mexican Food
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Number of Stores: over 90 locations nation wide

Founded: 1975





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